PTA Board Positions for 2020-2021

We can't function without parents like you! 
There are jobs big and small for anyone motivated to serve our PTA and our school. Here are some brief descriptions of our PTA Executive Board positions; contact anyone on our current board or our nominating committee for more details and to express your interest.

"THE ARCHIVIST" (Historian)

Maintain records & photo archive; tally volunteer hours; prepare annual report to PTA council

Good job for: A scrapbooker

"THE MONEY MANAGER" (Financial Secretary)

Collect receipts and submit deposits to the bank; assist treasurer when needed.

Good job for: Someone who likes counting cash

"THE RULE KEEPER" (Parliamentarian)

Make sure we follow bylaws and proper procedures at meetings

Good job for: An attorney, or anyone who values rules and can keep us compliant


Prepare and submit semi-annual financial audit (January and July)

Good job for: Financial accountants or anyone super-organized

"THE BUDGET GURU" (Treasurer)

Prepare monthly financial reports, maintain financial records and tax filings

Good job for: Detail-oriented people who stay on top of their finances

"THE NOTE-TAKER" (Secretary)

Take minutes of meetings, maintain records of meetings

Good job for: Quiet observers, good at paying attention, quick on the keyboard

"THE SALES TEAM" (VPs Membership)

Manage PTA memberships and donations solicitations, manage membership records

Good job for: Friendly faces, smooth talkers, good sales people

"THE RECRUITERS" (VPs Volunteers)

Recruit parents for managing and supporting programs and events throughout the year

Good job for: Those willing to reach out to the community; good with people, familiar with Huff programs

"THE 2nd IN COMMAND" (Executive VP)

Primary aide to the President, steps in when President is unavailable

Good job for: Someone who knows Huff and the PTA, open to becoming President

"THE HEAD HONCHO" (President)

Coordinate and guide the board in managing all that Huff PTA does; preside at PTA meetings

Good job for: Someone who knows Huff and the PTA, has time to give, cares about giving everyone an excellent experience at Huff

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